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Learning Design Patterns with Symfony

Established in the 70's by the "Gang of Four", Design Patterns are general reusable abstract solutions to solve often recurring problems in software design. Object oriented frameworks le...

Dive Into Symfony 4

Symfony 4 is all about making the developer life easier. You liked using SF for large and robust apps, you’ll love using it for your next MVP, prototype or small project.

Modernising the Legacy

No one likes to work with the legacy projects - it's not fun. There are no specs, there are no behat examples and you're afraid to touch it. The customer may not have time or budget to spend o...

Microservices at Amazon

The microservices pattern are changing how we build applications and team structure is extremely important to be successful in building and running these microservices Chris Munns stated in a talk abo...

Puli: PHP's Next Package Revolution

Composer and the PSR autoloading standards largely changed the way we collaborate in the PHP ecosystem. Today, we all share and reuse high-quality libraries independent of the frameworks we use. But w...


Freerich presentation about Symfony3 on Symfony User Group Cologne.

Symfony Debug & VarDumper

Il n'y a que des bugs faciles à résoudre... quand on a de quoi les cerner ! Le développeur PHP dispose de toute une panoplie d'outils pour tracker les situations les plus ...

Working with symfony2 models in the frontend

In the PHP community we have been professionalizing at an amazing rate, quickly bigger and bigger web-applications are written in PHP to a point where it is almost unheard of to write a huge project w...

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