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One hackday closer to the 1.0 release!

Last friday, a full dozen of CMF developpers gathered at the Liip Office in
Zurich, Switzerland to exchange on the state of the project. We had people from
England, Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We went over all bundles and sorted out issues and pull requests between 1.0 and
later. We also discussed many open questions and decided on topics. We now
effectively entered a scope freeze phase, meaning we don't want to add any new
features to the 1.0 goals. Pull requests for open 1.0 issues as well as bugfixes
are very welcome however.

Release plan
For a couple of weeks, there has been a "beta1" version of the CMF out. We
still have a couple of BC breaks planned, but since beta1 they must be
documented in the file. A stable release will take some time yet,
unfortunately. We postponed our goal release date to end of July. According to
the dashboard tool
there are about 60 issues until then, ergo we have to close 12 issues per week.
This sound like a lot - on the other hand we where 12 people at the meeting, so
it would mean everybody has to solve one issue per week.
We also sketched the
release process
for after the 1.0 release is out. An intermediate 1.1 release is planned for
autumn, after that we will follow the core Symfony release cycle with a delay
of about one month.

How can I help?
If you would like to contribute, please look into the issues in milestone
1.0 of each of the CMF bundles. While we all love great new features, we have
to focus on cleaning the existing features and making sure they are future
proof. If you don't know where to start, please ask on the
mailinglist or in
symfony-cmf on

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