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New in Symfony 4.3: DomCrawler improvements

Extract Element Names

Contributed by
Andrey Helldar
in #29127.

The extract() method returns the attribute and/or node values from a given list of nodes. You can use the special attribute _text to get the value of nodes. In Symfony 4.3 you can also use the new special attribute _name to get the element name (the HTML tag name):

$attributes = $crawler->filterXPath('//body/*')
    ->extract(['_text', '_name', 'class'])

Default values for text() and html()

Contributed by
Roberto Espinoza
in #28581.

When a node is empty, calling the text() and html() methods resulted in an \InvalidArgumentException with the well-known message "The current node list is empty.". In Symfony 4.3 these methods allow passing an argument that will be returned when the node is empty, so you can consider it a "default" value for the node:

// return an empty string instead of throwing an exception
$title = $crawler->filter('aside h3')->text('');

// return a default HTML content instead of throwing an exception
$userProfile = $crawler->filter('.user-profile')->html('<b>Anonymous User</b>');

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