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Launch of the official Symfony store

Over the past years, we’ve been selling our Symfony products at our Symfony conferences only. But a lot of people from the great Symfony community were asking for our Symfony products from all over the world. We’re now very pleased to launch today our official Symfony store, available for shipping to Europe and the rest of the world coming soon.

You can now buy online your Symfony elePHPant, your Symfony t-shirt or any other Symfony swag available. Prices are VAT included, shipping will be calculated depending on the country of shipping. We will still sell all our Symfony products at our Symfony conferences. Want to tell the entire world you love Symfony? Here is what you can buy and receive at home:

  • Symfony 5: the Fast Track, printed version of the official Symfony book (available in English or French)
  • Small Symfony elePHPant (available in black or grey)
  • Big Symfony elePHPant (available in black or grey)
  • Symfony t-shirts (several designs available)
  • And more!

Each order comes with a surprise gift and for the first 200 orders, you’ll receive a free lanyard!

Check out our Symfony store! Stay tuned to discover more upcoming products and get our futures limited edition collections.

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