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Become Symfony or Twig certified before September 30th

2 months to become a Symfony or a Twig certified developer, it’s time to test and secure your Symfony or Twig experience! We are offering a special deal on all certifications: if you take your certification exam before September 30th, you’ll get a 40% discount on your certification fees. Use the code CERTIF40 while buying your certification to get the discount.

This offer means that the Symfony certification will cost you 150€ instead of 250€ (or 120€ instead of 200€, depending on the country where you’re taking the exam) and the Twig certification 90€ instead of 149€ (all prices are VAT excluded). This offer is the perfect way to try the certification exam and pass the test! If you were thinking of becoming Symfony or Twig certified, this is the right time to do it. Enjoy the rest of the summer to study and take the exam in September.

By buying a discounted certification voucher, you agree to take the exam before September 30th, which means that you need to schedule the exam and take it before September 30th. If you don’t take the exam by then, your certification voucher will expire and will not be refunded. It will not be possible to schedule it after that date.

If you’re not ready to take the exam by then, you can still buy your registration at the regular rate and take the exam at the date of your convenience. You have a year to take the exam from your certification purchase date.

Ready to become a Symfony or a Twig certified developer before September 30th? Buy your discounted certification today.

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