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Adding Insight support for the new FrameworkBundle recipe

On June 10th 2020, a large initiative was launched in the Symfony community to migrate the way configuration is expressed inside bundles developed by the framework from XML to PHP, in preparation for Symfony 5.2 and Symfony 6.

As explained in this Pull Request:

In Symfony 6, we will promote usage of configuration written in PHP instead of YAML. For third-party bundles and core, we should do the same, replacing XML with PHP. Doing so would remove the need for the XML lib for core.

The biggest advantage is auto-completion with any modern IDE without explicit support for Symfony, and probably one less thing to learn (how to configure things in YAML/XML).

In that context and in preparation for Symfony 5.2 at the end of the year, an update was applied on June 12th to the default Kernel.php shipped in the FrameworkBundle Flex recipe, in order to allow for PHP configuration to be used.

This change triggered SymfonyInsight analysis, as using a require or include statement inside your Symfony application is usually discouraged.

We just deployed an update to our analysis engine in order to adapt it to the new recipe format. You can now upgrade your Kernel.php to the newer version without issue!

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