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A Week of Symfony #802 (9-15 May 2022)

This week, the first release candidate of Symfony 6.1 was published so you can test it in your projects before its final release in two weeks. Meanwhile, we announced a new SymfonyWorld Online conference (December 8-9, 2022), made a recap of the past SymfonyLive Paris 2022 conference and introduced a 50% discount in some past conference replays so you can enjoy their videos.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 31 pull requests were merged (24 in code and 7 in docs) and 16 issues were closed (13 in code and 3 in docs). Excluding merges, 19 authors made 1,141 additions and 251 deletions. See details for code and docs.

4.4 changelog:

  • fef98bb: [Serializer, PropertyInfo] fix support for "false" built-in type on PHP 8.2
  • 2f33e6e: [Serializer] fix JsonSerializableNormalizer ignores circular reference handler in $context
  • a6f405a: [Security/Http] ignore invalid URLs found in failure/success paths
  • ddfb4a8: [Ldap] fix LDAP connection options
  • 265d58a: [Console] fix incorrectly nested style tag errors when using multi-line header content

5.4 changelog:

  • b07093b: [ErrorHandler] fix list of tentative return types
  • 60836ff: [Console] suppress unhandled error in some specific use-cases
  • 5584221: [Security] fix division by zero
  • 2d44f22: [Console] fix aliases handling in command name completion
  • 4de1c7d: [RateLimiter] fix probably undefined variable $expireAt

6.1 changelog:

  • 4106712: [HttpClient] debug is missing if a request failed to even start
  • acef571: [MonologBridge] fix LevelName being removed in Monolog 3.0
  • a39ddaa: update sponsors of components v6.1
  • baa367e: [Form, FrameworkBundle, TwigBundle] add Twig filter, form-type extension and improve service definitions for HtmlSanitizer

Newest issues and pull requests

SymfonyCasts Updates

SymfonyCasts is the official way to learn Symfony. Select a track for a guided path through 100+ video tutorial courses about Symfony, PHP and JavaScript.

These were some of the most relevant SymfonyCasts updates of the week:

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