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1.2 first release candidate

It is time for another update. The release process for 1.2 has begun with RC1 releases of
all of our components and bundles. We expect final releases in the next few weeks, certainly
before the end of Q3. Note that the documentation on is still for 1.1, as
currently we can unfortunately only render a single version. So please check the
dev branch
on the symfony-cmf-docs repository to see the updated docs. That being said, as the main
code development efforts are now complete, we will now focus our energy on fixing any bugs
reported for these releases as well as documentation. So expect to see much better
documentation to be added on the dev branch for all the new features and changed.

However, the biggest new feature in this release is that we finally are preparing
a stable release of RoutingAutoBundle.
This Bundle automates the creation of routes based on rules. For example the Bundle can
automatically create a route to any new content that was created. Or it can be used to
automatically create redirect routes whenever a route is moved. Also we moved everything to
use PSR-4 autoloading, which will likely not
have a big impact for development except for shorter directory names.

In parallel we are also working on improvements for Jackalope and PHPCR ODM. Especially
Jackalope Doctrine DBAL as well as PHPCR ODM will see major performance improvements
with the next releases. PHPCR ODM also has many improvements related to events. If you
want to keep up with work on PHPCR related topics we recommend you keep an eye on the
news section on the newly designed PHPCR homepage.

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