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edPUB Festive PHParty

Rather than the standard meetup, we bring you edPUB, a Friday night festive party where the PHP is optional.

It is BYOB - BUY Your Own Booze!

We will attempt to get a seat in our regular pub on Rose Street around 6:30pm - "The Amber Rose". They serve food but feel free to get your dinner beforehand and join us later.

If we have to move on, we will post updates on so you can find us!

If you've never been to edPUG before its a great opportunity to meet us in a relaxed and informal environment.

We hope you can join us for a fun evening, and the last edPUG before 2019!

Organizer: edPUGGERS

Event time: 14-12-2018 19:30:00 CET

22 Castle Street
United Kingdom

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