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Drinks and Talks at LINKS DER ISAR

Dear all,

If you have any projects or talks that you want to share with the community, feel free to drop Alex or me a line.

The meetup will start as usual at 19.00h with drinks, pizza and networking. The presentation will start at 19.30h. Please make sure to come early.

I am happy to announce that we'll have two great speakers lined up: Nuno Maduro, who is an avid open source contributor and created tons of Laravel packages as well as Kai Sassnowski, a fellow Artisan who was a speaker at the last Laracon EU.


1. Nuno Maduro: Writing effective PHP

This talk is designed to help you make effective use of modern PHP. You will learn about: Preventing bugs using defensive programming, designing and creating objects, when and how to use immutability, write the public API of a class, composition over inheritance and how to write and set up high-quality tests.


2. Kai Sassnowski: Demystifying dependency injection containers

The goal of this talk is to explain how dependency containers work by building our own. We start out by building the simplest DI container possible and gradually add more sophisticated features like autowiring, to create a container that more closely resembles what we are familiar with from Laravel.


Looking forward to an awesome evening. As always, we're happy to host developers of any skill: From newbies to experts, everyone is welcome.

All the best

Organizer: Artisans

Event time: 16-05-2019 17:00:00 UTC

Seitzstra├če 23 80538

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