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The SymfonyCon Paris 2015 is a wrap!

What a groundbreaking success! If you were one of the lucky 1,000 to attend the annual Symfony conference at the legendary Folies Bergère, you know that the SymfonyCon Paris marked a special moment for the Symfony community. Record-breaking attendance with 1,000 attendees, a breathtaking venue, an exclusive appearance from the Symfony elePHPants (300 sold in only 2 hours, what a triumph!), and the Symfony 10th anniversary celebrations, all of this and more made for the best international SymfonyCon ever!

We feel privileged to have spent this time with you and hope that you thoroughly enjoyed your experience and took advantage of the talks from our speakers from around the globe to hear what’s up and coming with Symfony. Tracks A and B were a huge success as the speakers took the spotlight on an incredible stage that has been shared with renowned global French artists! We hope they felt like the Symfony superstars that they are!

True, there were a few glitches, but any good event always has some and each time we meet with you we learn how to do it all better. We apologize for the delays due to the reinforced security measures in place that put us slightly behind schedule because we didn't want to start the conference without those still going through our security controls. Due to technical difficulties at the theater Les Feux de la Rampe, we were unable to provide you with a fully functioning live-stream for track B for which we are deeply sorry. These difficulties meant that we were not able to record all the talks at track B, but we are working on providing you with as many recorded talks as possible. Stay tuned for the conference replays on our website.

There was nothing better than celebrating Symfony’s 10th Birthday in true style with you, the Symfony community, at the privately rented out arcade La Tête dans les Nuages with a heap of free tokens, drinks, food and an electrifying atmosphere! A party amongst hundreds of people and different video games just for us was the only way to properly celebrate this anniversary. It was a week to remember filled with heaps of magnificent Symfony cakes, delicious food, brand new goodies, fun and games, and not forgetting the annual Symfony karaoke party! This year we went the extra mile for the Symfony merchandise with special edition hoodies, 10 years T-shirts and goody bags custom-made for you. What an experience! We hope you enjoyed all these surprises!

We were also proud to reward several members and projects from within the Symfony community with the annual Symfony Community and Business Awards, all the results will be detailed in our next blog post. Congratulations to all the winners and we hope you’re proud of your amazing achievements and shiny trophies!

And not forgetting a big thank you to our outstanding sponsors who helped create an awesome atmosphere at the conference:

• Gold Sponsors:, Drupal, Eleven Labs, Heroku, Lab5com, Microsoft Azure,, eZ Systems

• Silver Sponsors: BlaBlaCar, Fiducial, Kaliop, Maltem Consulting Group, Talan

• Bronze Sponsors: Interakting, Trisoft, Tritux, Thelia, We Are Marketing

• Media Partners: Silicon and TechWeekEurope

For those of you who were not able to attend, Fabien took a trip down Symfony memory lane and gave a very emotional speech about the birth of Symfony, the recent launch of Symfony 3, the new Symfony 3 certification and how it all came to light to mark this special occasion. We’re hoping to post a video soon and we’ll blog on it as soon as it’s ready. We have been working very hard to release the Symfony 3 certification as the same time as the Symfony 3 release, and we are happy to announce that you can now become certified in Symfony 3! Don’t wait any longer, register and get the certification you deserve! In any case, a new chapter in the Symfony story begins and we are, as ever, grateful that you are writing it with us and joining us every step of the way.

Since the SymfonyCon Paris wraps up our conference circuit for 2015, keep an eye out for upcoming information on the 2016 calendar. We’ll be meeting in Cologne, London, Paris, the USA and the next SymfonyCon will be held in Berlin! Don’t miss out!

Be sure to check out our Pictawall to find all the photos and videos from the conference. And there’s more, find all the best SymfonyCon photos on our Facebook page now and relive every moment of the conference! Last but not least, if you did not attend the conference, you’ve missed the 10 Years of Symfony recap video, but good news you can watch it now!

Again, thank you all for your support, participation and dedication to making Symfony the best framework in the world.

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