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Symfony in the US: News from North America!

Hi guys!

Over 11 years, Symfony has grown from an idea living in Fabien's head to a family of tools that is used in nearly every country on Earth. How do you grow that fast and affect so many people? Creating a great project is just part of the story.

In reality, Symfony owes its success to countless people and companies who have not only used Symfony, they've become evangelists, by showing Symfony to friends, writing blog posts, speaking at user groups, creating bundles and using Symfony to create real-world apps that do incredible things.

That's a serious investment of time and money, and it's helped Symfony to a great place: millions of downloads, users across the globe and inclusion in some of the biggest open source projects.

Coming to America (Fabien, Beau & Ryan)ΒΆ

All that work has made Symfony hugely popular in Europe and other places. And now, we're turning up the heat where I live: the USA! Adoption is already growing fast - especially with the release of Drupal 8 - but there's still a huge opportunity to evangelize and support Symfony here.

And on that note, I have some news!

  1. Fabien moved to San Francisco to become my "neighbor" (ok, I live about 2000 miles away). Oh, and also, to start Sensio Labs US: a local arm of the company that will offer products & services and support the Symfony community here in North America.
  2. Beau Simensen has joined the team to help evangelize and support Symfony & Sensio Labs. Also, I (weaverryan) am really excited to kick in my help part-time (and yes, I'll continue to work on KnpUniversity!).

So, let's get to work! For the community - especially in the US - I hope this will be good news and bring benefits for years to come. Expect to see Symfony at more conferences, sponsoring more meetup groups (maybe yours?) and generally trying to be a positive force for Symfony in North America.

If you're using Symfony in the US or are a user group leader, we would love to hear from you: your experiences and how we can help. Tweet us! Also, join us at PHP World for the Symfony Live Track or in October for a Web Development in Symfony 3 Training.


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