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New Symfony Core Team Member: Titouan Galopin

If you are attending the Symfony World conference, you have learned about the new Symfony UX initiative. You have also learned more about the infrastructure we have built to make it happen thanks to Titouan’s talk. Read more about Symfony UX in this dedicated blog post.

Titouan Galopin has been working with Nicolas and me for a few years now. At Symfony, he is the product manager for Symfony Insight.

You might have seen Titouan at conferences talking about React. He is a fast learner: from Symfony expertise to JavaScript knowledge, and even some web design skills. Having a good understanding of so many domains help him build bridges between communities and Symfony UX is the result of that brainwork.

Symfony UX will probably be the next big thing in the Symfony ecosystem for years to come. I’m very excited to welcome Titouan as a core team member.

Please, join me in welcoming Titouan in his new role!

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