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New in Symfony 3.2: Improved private services

Hugo Hamon

Contributed by
Hugo Hamon
in #19146.

Private services have been supported in the Symfony Service Container since day one. By default all services are public, but setting the public option to false will turn them into private services:

        class: AppBundle\Manager\User
        public: false

Intuitively, you may think that private services are no longer accessible from the container. However, their behavior is a bit tricky:

  • If a private service is not injected in any other service, it's removed from the container;
  • If a private service is only injected to one service, it's inlined and its definition is removed from the container;
  • If a private service is injected to more than one service, then it behaves like a public service and you can even get it via $container->get('...').

This last behaviour is counterintuitive, so we decided to improve private services in Symfony 3.2. From now on, a private service always behaves like you expect:

  • Setting or unsetting a private service with the Container::set() method is no longer supported;
  • Checking the existence of a private service with the Container::has() will always return false;
  • Requesting a private service with the Container::get() method no longer returns the service.

The next step, which may be completed before Symfony 3.2 release, will be to randomize the id of the private services, making it impossible for applications to get those services circumventing the restrictions imposed by Symfony.

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