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Enjoy our online conferences replay from 2020 at a special price

We organized our first ever 100% online conference back in December 2020: SymfonyWorld Online 2020. For each online conference ever organized since then, the entire conference replay is available for all conference attendees just after the end of the conference they attended. If you, unfortunately, were not able to attend one of our online conferences, you can buy a conference replay ticket to watch all the talks for any online conference we organized. Replay tickets are available the day after the end of each online conference and a few days/weeks after the end of each physical conference.

We organized 1 international online conference in English in 2020, 4 local online conferences in dedicated languages each (Polish, French, German and Spanish) and 2 international online conferences (in English) in 2021. A total of 7 online conferences and 70+ talks about Symfony latest features and its ecosystem are waiting for you in replay! A fantastic way to learn more about Symfony at your own path with our great conference speakers and their talks!

To get the most out of our replay, we are super pleased to announce that for all online conferences organized for over a year from today, we offer a special price on all the corresponding conference replays. Get your replay ticket for the following conferences at half the price of the regular replay price, meaning that for:

You can also buy a replay ticket for SymfonyWorld Online 2021 Winter Edition, international online conference in English at the regular replay price of 119€ or SymfonyLive Paris 2022, French physical conference, at the regular replay price of 149€.

Find the best conference replay you need to enhance your Symfony skills and relive our conferences like you attended it!

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