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Improving your productivity as developer is one of our main obsessions. That's why we work so hard on improving DX (developer experience), reword the error messages until they are crystal clear, improve the performance of the development environment and continue adding features to MakerBundle.

We also make lots of improvements to, usually too small to announce them. However, yesterday we added an important new feature to that will make you more productive: code examples now display a "Copy code" button.

Click on the blue rounded icon located at the top right of each code example to copy those contents into your clipboard:

For the moment, the "Copy Code" button is not available in console/terminal examples and in "code diff" examples. The reason is that those examples usually contain more contents than what you really want to copy. We'll try to add support for them in the future.

We've tested this feature successfully in multiple combinations of operating systems, devices and browsers, but if you find any issue, please report it to us on GitHub or the comments below.

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