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A Week of Symfony #803 (16-22 May 2022)

This week, Symfony development activity focused again on fixing and polishing the new features of the upcoming Symfony 6.1 version. Meanwhile, we announced the last talks and speakers of the SymfonyWorld Online 2022 Summer Edition conference. Lastly, we reopened the Call for Papers of SymfonyCon Disneyland Paris 2022 conference to receive proposals related to Symfony 6.1.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 30 pull requests were merged (22 in code and 8 in docs) and 34 issues were closed (26 in code and 8 in docs). Excluding merges, 34 authors made 1,929 additions and 423 deletions. See details for code and docs.

4.4 changelog:

  • 37ffadd: [Config] fix looking for single files in phars with GlobResource
  • bb6d26a: [Form] add approriate description to CollectionToArrayTransformer::reverseTransform docblock
  • 6a93d11: [Mime] add null check for EmailHeaderSame
  • b37fc1e: [HttpFoundation, Session] regenerate invalid session id
  • 1a7fa5d: [HttpClient] add missing HttpOptions::setMaxDuration()
  • c6a2331: [Form] fix same choice loader with different choice values
  • 2ec626f: [Filesystem] safeguard (sym)link calls
  • 3db04f0: [FrameworkBundle] fix dumping extension config without bundle
  • 5b265a0: [Twig Bridge] display errors for Bootstrap 4 fieldsets
  • 3a47e5f: [Cache] throw when "redis_sentinel" is used with a non-Predis "class" option
  • a6a5076: [VarDumper, VarExporter] deal with DatePeriod->include_end_date on PHP 8.2
  • f3df3d0: [Mime] throw exception when body in Email attach method is not ok
  • 89c790e: [Form] do not accept array input when a form is not multiple

5.4 changelog:

  • 56c6dc1: [Config] allow scalar configuration in PHP Configuration
  • d638e0a: [HttpClient] honor "max_duration" when replacing requests with async decorators

6.1 changelog:

  • 9fafd82: [PropertyInfo] ignore empty doc-block for promoted properties in PhpStanExtractor
  • 06c534c: [HtmlSanitizer] fix default config service definition
  • 39575e9: [HttpKernel] new bundle path convention when AbstractBundle is used
  • b23c922: [FrameworkBundle] simplify registration of #[AsRoutingConditionService]

Newest issues and pull requests

SymfonyCasts Updates

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These were some of the most relevant SymfonyCasts updates of the week:

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