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A week of symfony #425 (16-22 February 2015)

This week Symfony added a new PHPUnit Bridge which provides utilities for PHPUnit, especially user deprecation notices management. In addition, it committed some minor tweaks and optimizations to imrpove performance.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 38e7b72: [Console] added a little explaination about Command#interact()
  • def4fd5: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed HTML lint on empty onclick
  • ee47901: [PropertyAccess] fixed invalid irregular singularization
  • e18d2ad: fixed possible race condition when creating a directory
  • 89ca585: [Config] changed return type definition for some methods of NodeDefinition
  • bcb2e09: [Security] added phpdoc for SecurityFactoryInterface::getPosition
  • 4e11c07: [PropertyAccess] refactor type checks to remove duplicate logic and thus improve performance
  • 9cacecb: [PropertyAccess] avoid double checking the data type because the property path constructor already does it
  • a108445: [Form] optimized EntityType by only loading choices for values in the same way that EntityLoader customization does

2.6 changelog:

  • ce00962: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed event listener attaching error
  • 8299a44: [Security] fixed expectation in a test
  • f9ddaeb: [PropertyAccess] use data provider for isReadable/isWritable tests

2.7 changelog:

  • baf13c1: [FrameworkBundle] fixed assets configuration
  • 455b714: [FrameworkBundle] made ServerParams a service
  • 021206c: [Filesystem] improved exception message for copy method
  • ce00962: [WebProfilerBundle] fixed event listener attaching error
  • 42e6540: [HttpKernel] fixed DumpDataCollector: for Windows file paths
  • c75b276: [FrameworkBundle] check if templating is enabled
  • 9a4f3e1: [PhpUnit] added a new bridge that provides utilities for PHPUnit

Newest issues and pull requests

Twig development highlights

Master changelog:

  • fd6f28b, f7a49f2: fixed filesystem loader when trying to load a non-file
  • a80cb35: fixed time sensitive profiler test

Silex development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 753b09c: removed the port from default DoctrineServiceProvider options
  • 979e792: improved code coverage of SecurityTrait
  • 3af0b91: fixed Symfony Form Component deprecations
  • 911f249: fixed Symfony Http Kernel Cache deprecations
  • 12571d3: fixed Symfony Security Component deprecations
  • 806287a: fixed monolog tests as the output depends on the version of Symfony
  • dfc7d4d: removed usage of deprecated _method and _scheme routing configurations
  • d1cd7c1: removed deprecations for the validator provider
  • 22d7c8f: updated deps as Silex 1.2 is not compatible with Symfony 2.7
  • 9d082c6: use the constant to refer to session auth strategy

SwiftMailer development highlights

Master changelog:

  • 1c0c5de: prevent from dots in filespool filename

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