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A week of symfony #423 (02-08 February 2015)

This week, Symfony development focused on implementing minor features and making some tweaks: made host matching case-insensitive, fixed handling of non-UTF8 strings in VarDumper, added support for passing more files to twig:lint command, refresh translation catalogues when a new translation file is added in a bundle, and added Twig loader priority. In addition, the first official Symfony conference of the year was announced: Symfony Live Paris 2015, which will take place from 9 to 10 of April.

Symfony2 development highlights

2.3 changelog:

  • 1aba7b4: [HttpFoundation] clarified Request::getUrlencodedPrefix() regex
  • 1be266f: [Process] made test AbstractProcessTest::testStartAfterATimeout useful again
  • 2e74341: [Routing] made host matching case-insensitive
  • c2aeeeb: [Form] replaced calls to array_search() by in_array() where is no need to get the index
  • 4d22bf7: [Yaml] fixed one-liners to work with multiple new lines
  • bc75c36: [Console] fixed table cell padding with multi-byte
  • 380d805: [Security] removed ContextListener onKernelResponse listener as it is used
  • 1c62eb7: [Console] fixed output bug, if escaped string in a formatted string

2.6 changelog:

  • 88899cb: [VarDumper] fixed handling of non-UTF8 strings
  • d6ec874: [FrameworkBundle] initialized config command extension

2.7 changelog:

  • 6e197a0: [TwigBridge] added support for passing more files to twig:lint command
  • 8ddc888: [Serializer] used Serializer LogicException when applicable
  • f109f95: [FramewrokBundle] added deprecation notice for HttpCache::createEsi()
  • b286863: [PropertyAccess] show property path in all exception messages
  • 53c8bae: [Translation] refresh catalogues when resources change
  • 354593f: [HttpKernel] mask _password request in profiler
  • 67dffea: [TwigBundle] added Twig loader priority
  • 722c3a7: [Security] added string representation for core Users
  • 2185883: [Form] optimized EntityType by only loading choices for values in the same way that EntityLoader customization does
  • 4c8a25a: [HttpFoundation] added new Forwarded header support for Request::getClientIps

Master changelog:

  • 5e90ef4: [Form] removed deprecated setDefaultOptions and OptionsResolverInterface

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