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A month of Symfony Documentation #3 (February 2015)

After the record breaking January month, the documentation team took it a bit more easy this month, resulting in less new sections. Instead, lots of typos and other minor things were fixed or improved.

Congratulations, Symfony!

On February 17th, the Symfony Documentation celebrated its 5th birthday. Back in 2010, Fabien Potencier pushed the first commit to the Git repository. The section added back then, the Quick tour, still exists with more or less the same structure. In the past years, many different contributors helped making the docs as complete and easy to read as they are today. Many thanks to the whole community!

New Documentation

Javier Eguiluz wrote a small cookbook recipe explaining when the session is started. This way, developers know where to check for in case they don't want to start the session.

Geert Eltink updated the Assetic cookbook to recommend the usage of the assetic:watch command and Terje Bråten documented the very interesting delivery_whitelist option to prevent some emails from being redirected in the dev environment.

New Proposals

David Buchmann created a PR to add a little section explaining how to use the methods of the base Controller class when using controllers as services.

Javier Eguiluz, among many other PRs, wrote the documentation for the new Asset component and a tip recommending an http_digest instead of an http_basic one

Documentation Activity

The documentation got support of 53 contributors this month. They created 46 new (not yet merged) PRs and 32 merged PRs, which contained around 600 additions and 300 deletions. In total eight issues were closed and a lot more are close to being closed.

A full list of changes can be found in the changelog.

The documentation is maintained by Ryan Weaver, Christian Flothmann and Wouter de Jong. The documentation repository can be found on GitHub.

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