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stSymfonyUpdate released Warninig notices removed from developer's mode @symfony #soteshop7 #Symfony #Symfony2

Christopher Maneu

@HugoGiraudel I don't think it's a symfony-related question. It's more about what kind of data and your search patterns

Hugo Giraudel

Which (full text) search engine would you pick to go along with @Symfony: Solr, ElasticSearch, Sphinx, other? Any opinion welcome.

André Cianfarani

Cherche costaud en #PostgreSQL pour discuter intégration dans #Symfony, optimisations, geospace etc. Un retour d'expérience à partager ?

Thomas Tourlourat

@chirimoya @lsmith If you get information about #docker and #symfony working together, share it ! ;)


PHPUnit のテストデータは yaml で持ってて、その Parse を Symfony Yaml 使ってるんだけど、Symfony Yaml って Refernce Alias 使えるの今知ったし積極的に使っていきたい

Thomas Schedler

Any recommendations or experience how to #dockerize #symfony applications? Let me know ;-)

Lev Selezniov

@Graymur ИМХО это нормально. symfony и Symfony2 zend 1 и zend 2 (хаха) ну и продолжи...

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