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PHP/Laravel Monthly Meetup

Welcome PHP & Laravel Developers!

PHP/Laravel Monthly Meetup!!!
Meetup Schedule: *second Wednesday of each month*

We are a group of full-stack developers, interested in PHP webapp development focused largely on Laravel, and modern PHP including Laravel, Drupal 8, Symfony, etc.

If you are interested in PHP, Laravel and its growing ecosystem, this is the place for you.  We are open to developers of all skill levels, who are interested in learning together, back-end and front-end, as well as all the build tools that the Laravel community is incorporating and expanding. 

Our Meetups will focus largely on Laravel and its default front-end framework, Vue.js, but also are interested in exploring the other modern, complementary PHP frameworks such as Drupal 8, Symfony, and any others that members bring to our attention.

This group is connected to the WebApp-Builders Meetup (, a group of full-stack developers who have been meeting for years on the L.A. Eastside.


This Week's Agenda:

Come explore Laravel while we build our first app together!  L.A. Stage Alliance is our gracious host.  Coffee & Tea provided.   Plenty of easily accessible parking.  Easy to find us: look for the signs on the side door.


Setup Instructions:

In the interest of saving time, please do the first three steps to install Virtualbox, Vagrant and the Laravel Homestead box, before the Meetup.

NOTE: If you have a Macbook and want to avoid installing the Laravel homestead VM, we will cover how to install Laravel directly on your laptop using Laravel Valet instead.

Laravel Homestead getting started installation instructions for Mac OS:

Organizer: PHP/Laravel Developers

Event time: 12-07-2018 04:00:00 CEST

4200 Chevy Chase Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90039
United States

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