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BrisPHP Q3 2019

Time for the 3rd quarterly BrisPHP meetup of 2019! We've got a bumper line up covering event-driven architecture, logging and code quality.

Please note this Meetup will be held at the trendy offices of Neto over at Southbank. It's situated right next to the South Bank train station in the Flight Centre building - it's got some hectic views! We'll have people in the lobby relaying everyone up in elevator.

What's new in PHP Land by Nathan Dench (
Find out what's been happening in the last 3 months in everything PHP!

Implementing event-driven architecture using PHP & MySQL
>> At GO1, we have problem with RESTful driven and moving to event-driven architecture. The implementation in PHP & MySQL is much simpler than I thought. I would like to share my experience on how we are implementing and enjoy benefits it's giving:

Logging at Neto by Matt Dillon
>> At Neto we have been making a few changes in how we handle logging. Since I've been Mariana-Trench-deep in this recently, I figured I could share what I have learned. I might even be able to help people from making mistakes that we have made.

Discipline and Tough Love -- Imposing Standards and Quality by Michael Mounteney
>> PHP is an interpreted language so it is possible for bugs to arise in deployment that could not make it through the build process in compiled languages; type inconsistencies, "string typing" and undefined values.
This presentation is of what CreditSense are doing now to address these issues, and where they are going with their quest to tame their code-bases.

If you have an idea for a talk, post an issue on our GitHub: (this is also a great place to look if you want to give a talk).

This meetup is only possible thanks to our sponsors Neto and CreditSense who together provide the venue, drinks and food.

6pm for drinks and mingles
6.20pm kickoff with the first 2 talks
7.00pm break for food and mingles
7.20pm last 2 talks for the night
Will finish up around 8.30pm

Organizer: Members

Event time: 30-07-2019 08:00:00 UTC

275 Grey St
South Brisbane

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